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Holla - Busta Rhymes

Yeah, yea
This shit sound like
One two o'clock in the morning with the full moon out
Niggas in they trucks creeping
With a fresh box of ecstasy pills for these bitches
Yeah, team select, please collect, G's connect
Thieves nigga direct the trees to the SmokeFest
Want to take a toke? YES! The newest zone I'm in
I'm like Smithsonian nigga, fuck it call me Napoleon
Wave the torch, cut the head off the Leviathan
The terminology I'm rhyming in cause a frenzy up in Ireland
Hit ya, I'm gon get ya
And drop the bomb scripture at your barmitzvah
Yo, map shit out, blast through the speakers
With a wife beater on, Bushe below, a new pair of sneakers
Street niggas hang on the sidewalk, that's where I learned my fly talk
Pimp-strut, and how to skywalk
Moderating how…


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